Virtual Staging Houses & Rooms

Virtual staging - what is it and why would I want it?

Virtual staging allows you to fill an empty space in your house with beautiful furniture. It can be difficult to really give a sense of the space with some rooms when you just have them empty. Create a sense of wonder in your potential buyers by staging a room to show them what they can potentially have if they check your house out.

Once you catch the prospect’s eye with stunning photos online, they will then come and inspect the house. But it’s empty, you ask?? No problemo – once they are in the house, they can see and feel exactly how big the space is. This is the point where the suitors will start to imagine how they will be placing their own furniture anyway.

First impressions last.

It is incredibly important to catch people’s eyes, and a luxuriously-decorated home catches the eye a lot better than a big empty room.
Don’t let empty rooms slow your sales down – add virtual staging for your pictures for just $39 – $49 per image.

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Virtual Staging


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